Winter Indoors Wrap Up

Finals night…..

Wow, this is the most nervous I have been about a Frisbee game in quite some time.  We have a first up semi final against the giant killing Wookie Ink.  Last week they took a team (TumbleWeed Suicide) that spanked us by 5 points and beat them in the quarter final.  Wow, this is a big game if we are to beat them.

First team talk of the season, this must be serious, our captain (the lovely Fizz) talked about putting in max effort, how we wanted to play in the big final and how we just needed to play that way we had to get us to where we were……

I think we trailed all the way, trying to keep the big guys out of the zone, managing the Wookie Ink poach/switch defence and trying to contain their tall men, and fast men and their single woman that just keep on running.

Eventually the clock ticked down and the scores were locked at 15-15.

Overtime, goodness me, this game has just got more tense.

Quick flip sent the disc to the Wookies and for the next 3 minutes it was up and down, back and forwards.  Options were taken that were not normal for the throwers, legs and lungs were tested and we find ourselves with the disc with 20 secs left trailing 16-15. Pitch the disc to our shortest member on the sideline and quick streak to the back corner and we are going to double overtime.

Same nervousness but now the entire stadium is watching, and looks like Wookies have gotten over theirs and come out quickly with 2 quick fire points. A valiant effort by our team but wookies run away with it 19-16 in double overtime.  Epic Game, Epic Result and the most intense, close, tough game of ultimate I have played in awhile.

As a side note Wookies Ink (whose second girl turned up finally) managed a win to take the tournament and were awarded the prestigious Mr Potato Head Indoor Trophy.  It was an epic semi, from all accounts and equally epic final and Wookies Ink came out deserved winners on the night.

Big thanks to my team for letting me play with you guys this season. Big thanks to all the other teams that made the league so much fun, and big thanks to the finals night spectators who cheered everyone on.

See you all on an ultimate field in the near future.

Roving Reporter and proud Shoefly team member