Winning Big Games!

On Sunday 20th January, Anna and Tom Rogacki from Australia will be presenting a day coaching & training session here in Auckland. The theme of the day is what it takes to win big games. The coaches will cover what mental, physical and technical aspects it takes to win big games. In particular the focus will be on the “power game”. Themes will include: - Approach to training (pre-tourney preparation) - Pre-game mental preparation - Playing in the space we want to play in - Concept of power position -> How do we get it? – focus: break mark throwing, good cutting, establishing offensive threats to create space -> What do we do with it when we get it? – focus: long throwing, getting the long pass away, timing/cutting technique -> Making the opposition play in the space we want them to play in - The art of man defence This is event is being run as a fundraiser for the NZU Under 23 Worlds Campaign. The cost to attend this day will be $40 per person. AU is supporting the event and all funds raised from entry fees will go directly to the NZU U23 Worlds Campaign. The day will be held at Avondale College in Auckland and will run from 10am to 4pm. Lunch is not provided. To sign up, please email the U23 Womens Team coach: Sherif Ibrahim at shoereef [at] gmail [dot] com Payment for the day should be made the New Zealand Ultimate U23 trust account (with reference "big games" please): Westpac 03-0502-0559605-026 All national U23 team trialists (womens and mens) are eligible to attend for free - and are therefore encouraged to do so! About the coaches: Anna Rogacki Coaching qualifications AFDA - Level 1 Coaching Victorian Institute Sport - General Coaching Principles The Coaching Institute - Cert IV Personal Coaching The Coaching Institute - NLP Practitioner Coaching experience AFDA Coach of the Year - 2010 Under 23 Australian Women's Team WUCC Italy - Gold Medal - 2010 Victorian Women's team (Honey) - 2011 4th, 2012 National Champions Victorian Men's Team (Chilly) - 2012 - current Australian World Games Team (Crocs) - 2013 Playing achievements Australian Women's Gold - 99 Australian Mixed Gold - 03, 08 & 11 Played on Australian Women's team @ WUGC 04 Tom Rogacki Playing Achievements Australian Open Gold - 05, 06, 07 & 09 Australian Mixed Gold - 99, 03, 05, 08 & 11 WUGC Open Bronze - 04 World Games Silver - 05 WUCC Open Bronze - 06 WUCC Masters Bronze - 10 WUGC Masters Silver - 12