UniGames2011 Final goes to Universe Point

Universe Point….

It had been joked about all day but at 13 -13 in the 2011 Uni Games final it was suddenly a reality.

The draw and the tournament being cut short (due to the super city closing ALL outdoor grass fields) meant a slight shuffle of the draw and a final and 3rd/4th game a full day earlier than anticipated.

Auckland Uni 1 v Massey Palmerston North in the 3rd/4th play off, and a hotly contested final between Victoria University and Canterbury University, the two inform teams of the tournament.

Auckland and Massey was a close battle with Auckland using a devastating long game and superior squad numbers to grind a determined Massey Palmerston North down.  The final score of 15 – 7 was not a true reflection of how close the game was and how both teams left it all out on the field.

The final was a game of runs.  Canterbury being up 2-0, then 4-2 and taking half 9-7.  The clinical cutting and throwing of Canterbury vs. the complete teamwork of the Victoria team. 

Second half was a tight affair with Canterbury stretching their led to 12-8.  Then there was a mini run from Vic, as soft cap went it was 12-11 to Canterbury and Vic scored making it 12-12, game to 14.

What transpired next was the most sensational ultimate I have witnessed in the last few years.  Both teams under immense pressure.  Vic pulled to Canterbury and after a few turnovers each way, Vic scores a break to make it 13-12 to Vic.

Vic pulled to Canterbury and in a clinical display Canterbury made the most of their possession and levelled the game at 13-13.  UNIVERSE POINT

Canterbury pulled to Vic.  Despite the crown calling for hammers and amazing crowd pleasing throws, Vic was clinical in their possession and worked the disc upfield until the cut in the endzone came and the pass was clinically caught for an amazing comeback win.

A final Vic run of 6 points to Canterbury’s 1 point saw them crowned University Games 2011 Champions.

Final placing

Victoria University – 1st                                                                                                  Canterbury University – 2nd                                                                                              Auckland Uni 1 – 3rd                                                                                                              Massey Palmerston North – 4th                                                                                                 AUT – 5th                                                                                                                                 Massey Albany – 6th                                                                                                           Auckland Uni 2 – 7th

 Tournament Team

Aidan Hurley – Auckland University                                                                                      Ciaran MacElvanna – Auckland University                                                                         Aleksey Vakhroushev – Auckland University                                                                         Steve Brown – AUT                                                                                                                      Tom Fraser – Canterbury University                                                                                          Aaron Neal – Canterbury University                                                                                     Byrony Knowles – Massey Albany                                                                                           Sarah Norton – Massey Palmerston North                                                                                Tamarah Neal – Victoria University