Thank you to our Volunteers!

Auckland Ultimate is a volunteer run organisation.  We can’t function without our volunteers.  Auckland Ultimate would like to thank the following people who have given up their time in some way to contribute to the running of Ultimate in the Auckland Region in 2013:

Helen Germann – Treasury administrator and fields booking coordinator

Rebecca Stewart – AU Schools Coordinator

Iain Stewart – Outdoor Winter League TD, Draw maker extraordinaire

Jennie Parker – Flyer and logo designs

Blake Rainey – Medal design

Nathan Moore – Website updates, Indoors TD

Chris Jury – 2013 Spring Leagues set up, Social Summer League set up

Ethan Taylor – League set up, Indoors TD, Schools Leagues (Indoor and Outdoor)

Caroline Pearson – North Shore Summer League TD

Wookies Inc – Competitive Summer League TD

Jana Makar – 2013 Womens Summer League TD

Jackals (Chris Garton, James Afoa) – 2013 Mens Summer League TD

Ken Diekema – Schools Outdoor League

Friday Friendlies Volunteers (Schools)
Ken Diekema
Kendal Rainey
Jason Saw
Leanne Saw
Jaime Willis
Ben Chong
Jordan Tan
Warren Buckingham
Lu Shien Lee
Coral Huang
Brogan Walker
Zev Fishman
Iain Stewart
Sean Heenan