Summer League Final Post

Auckland Ultimate has for another season hosted a great 10 weeks of summer ultimate.

This season we were able to offer a Women’s League, Men’s League, Development Mixed League and an A-Grade Mixed League.  All leagues were well attended and from an organisers point of view were a pleasure to run.

As always we have some thank yous to people and organisations.

Thanks to our teams and individuals who set up cones, put out discs and score sheets and opened venues before you all got there and stayed till after you all had left.  A Big Thanks to Like a Fox, Erniators and Helen Germann.

Website communications / Draws and updates that continue to flow through…. A big thanks to Nathan Moore.

We as always need to thank Auckland City Council, Oranga Community Center, and Auckland Rugby League.  Without them we would not have venues or toliets.

Finaly some words from some of this season’s outstanding players.  An inspiration to read and yet another excuse to get out there for the next league and bring a friend or two along.

“For me, women’s league is something to look forward to each week. It is a positive environment that allows you to develop your skills in the game situation, learn new skills and new strategies, and your efforts are encouraged even if you don’t pull them off quite how you’d planned! It has helped build my confidence in the game which is reflected in the improvements I have made during the league, and there is never an “easy” game. No doubt the highlight of my week!” Jess Mowbray, Womans League Overall MVP

“This year’s summer league has been both fun and challenging, some new tactics were faced and some new friends were made. Our team bonded really well over the season and I think everyone played really well.  But most of all, I’ve enjoyed the season and look forward to another season of running around.” Amy Wang, Development League Overall MVP

A huge thanks to the players for turning up, without you there would not be leagues.  See you all in the coming seasons on a frisbee field.

Fish – AU Summer League TD