Spring League is back for 2012!

Get your fix of Ultimate and say ‘Sayonara!’ to winter with Auckland Ultimate’s Spring League!

The AU Spring season kicks off on Monday 1 October with our ‘Spring Into Spring League’ evening. This is a chance for new/beginner players to learn the rules of outdoor Ultimate and get familiar with the basics of throwing and catching with some of the best coaches in Auckland. Spring Into Spring League is also a great opportunity to meet people and form teams or learn about how you can join the pickup team.

For more experienced players, Spring Into Spring League gives you the opportunity to play a pickup game and for the women take part in the ‘Ladies Who Like to Huck’ competition (with prizes!). You can also pick up players (new and experienced) if you need to fill up your team.

Mondays is our regular day for men’s and women’s ultimate. Thursdays is mixed. This will be 5-a-side social, game on at 6.30pm. Substitutions will be allowed at any time during the game, not just between points. We recommend 8-10 players per team, maybe more if not everyone can make it every week.

When there is more light later in October competitive mixed, 7-a-side, will start at 7.15. This is standard ultimate for those with a bit more experience, possible even some preparation for mixed nationals in December. There will also be a reduced team fee for the shorter season.

Here are details of the game nights:

  • Monday evenings men’s/women’s 5-a-side, 8 October to 10 December (no game on 22 October due to Labour Day).
  • Thursday evenings social mixed 5-a-side, 11 October to 13 December.
  • Games will start at 6.30pm and finish at 7.10pm (40 minute games with no half time)
  • Social teams are 5-a-side with substitutions from a larger squad allowed at any time.
  • All teams must have 5 players on the field at all times, minimum of two ladies for social mixed.
  • Thursdays, 7.15, competitive mixed 7-a-side, 25 October to 13 December.
  • Uniforms – Participants to have a light AND dark shirt, with team colours decided before play.
  • A standard 175g Ultrastar disc will be used.
  • Footwear – cleats (football boots) or cross-trainers. No metal studs and no bare feet.
  • Games will be self-refereed as per the standard rules of Ultimate.
  • Venue is at Mt Roskill Grammar School on Frost Rd, Mt Roskill.
  • Team entry $300, competitive mixed $250.

Enter a team or join the pickup team here. New players will need to create a profile to enter. TD for women’s is Imee Tribo, men’s is Chris Garton, mixed is Ethan Taylor. Email with questions to events@aucklandultimate.org.nz if you need assistance.