Spring League 2011 Winners

Well done and a big thank-you to everyone who participated in Spring Leagues for 2011. The weather was not with us these past few weeks with the final round of Mixed Leagues cancelled due to ground conditions and rain. The finals have been postponed for now, but we can announce all other winners:

Womens League

Most Valuable Player: Janelle from Euphoria
Most Spirited Team: Euphoria
League Champions: Nemesis

Mens League

Most Valuable Player: Elliot from A Dapper Sweatervest
Most Spirited Team: A Dapper Sweatervest
League Champions: Scooby Doo

Social Mixed League

Most Valuable Player – Male: Tim from The Total Package
Most Valuable Player – Female: Amy from Handcuffed but Happy
Most Spirited Team: Ugly as Spin
League Champions:

Competitive Mixed League

Most Valuable Player – Male: Nathan from Werewolf Ice
Most Valuable Player – Female: Meg from Werewolf Ice
Most Spirited Team: Wookie Ink
League Champions: