Regional Coaching Coordinator

New Zealand Ultimate has finalised an ultimate-specific coaching course, something the community has been greatly looking forward to for some time. Auckland Ultimate are partnering with NZU to deliver the coaching course.

The course will grant formal recognition to those who complete it, certifying that they have learned how to coach Ultimate using Sport New Zealand’s ‘Coach Approach’ model. It will also provide a fantastic and needed resource for those interested in coaching who haven’t necessarily played or coached before – allowing keen new coaches to get the skills they need to look after teams – from new school teams forming all over the country, to social leagues, to those who want to teach their work mates how to play.

The Ultimate community in NZ owes a huge debt of gratitude to Hamish Crocket for his work in producing the course. He has worked very hard to synthesise multiple resources (including plenty of coaching courses from other countries) into the Sport New Zealand ‘Coach Approach’ system to ensure our courses stay current in the New Zealand sporting landscape.

Auckland Ultimate are on the look out for keen people to present the course. The role is titled Regional Coaching Coordinator and involves being the main point of contact in Auckland, as well as running and presenting the course to the coaches-to-be. All Regional Coaching Cordinators will attend a workshop with Hamish to be upskilled on how to present the course, to ensure that we have good quality and uniform presentation of the course across the country.

If you are keen to advance the sport in NZ through coaching, please consider applying to be a Regional Coaching Coordinator. The original NZU Position Description can be found below and applications can be made with a cover letter to the Auckland Ultimate executive au[at]

Regional Coaching Coordinator