Hello Auckland Ultimate players!

You may have received an official-sounding notification about the Auckland Ultimate AGM tomorrow night. Excellent. That will start at 7:30pm. Many people, I’m sure, will arrive early and have a beer and buy some dinner. Good old fashioned R.S.A. pub food.

We anticipate that the AGM will not take more than 40 minutes. It would be good to have as many people there as possible, as the more that people know about and are involved with the running of ultimate, the better. Being a silent (eating) observer is fine, too.

As well that, there is a quiz night to follow. Teams can enter as a full team, or split up, whatever takes yer fancy. Prizes to be confirmed. The quiz is expected to take just over an hour.

Date: This Wednesday the17th of August 2011

Start Time: 7:30pm (Quiz to start at end of AGM, possibly 8:15pm-ish)

Location: Orakei RSA Club, 178 Kepa Rd, Mission Bay

And yes, you can choose to only turn up for the quiz. But depending on how long the AGM
takes, you might be late.


Ben McEwan

AU Exec
Secretary – 027 698 7178