NZU has announced the teams to represent NZ in Japan July 2012

New Zealand Ultimate has announced the Men’s and Women’s teams which have been selected to represent New Zealand at the World Ultimate & Guts Championships in Sakai, Japan in July 2012.

Congratulations to all players and we look forward to supporting you in your campaign.


  • Bekah Neal, Wellington
  • Cassie Guignion, Christchurch (provisional)
  • Crystal Lenky, Christchurch
  • Emma Lothian, Auckland
  • Jen Lavoie, Auckland
  • Jennie Parker, Auckland
  • Jess Hardley, Christchurch (provisional)
  • Jess Mowbray, Auckland
  • Karina Cooper, Whangarei
  • Katherine Watson, Christchurch
  • Lou Hough, Christchurch (provisional)
  • Marloes Van Geel, Palmerston North
  • Mel Connolly, Christchurch (provisional)
  • Nobuko Mori, Wellington
  • Sam Brown, Christchurch
  • Sam Mason, Auckland
  • Sarah Diekema, Auckland
  • Sarah Rice, Wellington
  • Sue Clearwater, Hamilton
  • Summer Brines, Auckland
  • Tamarah Neal, Wellington


  • Aaron Neal, Wellington / Christchurch
  • Adam Lothian, Auckland
  • Alan Macfarlane, Overseas (provisional)
  • Andy Neal, Wellington
  • Brennan Coulson, Wellington (provisional)
  • Dave Sanders, Christchurch
  • Davey Jones, Auckland (provisional)
  • Eliot Linforth-Hall, Wellington
  • Gareth Taylor, Auckland
  • Hamish Gibson, Auckland
  • Hannan Stephenson, Christchurch
  • Josh Broughton, Christchurch
  • Karl Moore, Christchurch
  • Ken Diekema, Auckland
  • Lauchlan Robertson, Wellington / Christchurch
  • Logan Rhyne, Auckland
  • Marc van der Poest, Wellington
  • Michael Connolly, Christchurch
  • Nick Pannu, Overseas (provisional)
  • Sherif Ibrahim, Auckland
  • Tim Germann, Auckland
  • Warren Buckingham, Auckland
  • Zev Fishman, Auckland

Non travelling reserves

  • Angus Hines, Wellington
  • Dean Mcelhinney, Wellington