Nominations for the 2011 NZU awards closes this Sunday!

Don’t forget that you only have until this Sunday night to make your nominations for the 2011 NZU awards!

The annual NZU Awards for the 2011 year are open for nominations!

Please consider making a nomination in any or all of the categories below:

* Best New Player
* Best Player (female)
* Best Player (male)
* Best Club
* Best Administrator
* Best Tournament
* Best Recruiter
* Best Coach

Nominations close midnight Sunday March 4th 2012

To make a nomination please email the Board at with “Nomination” in the subject line. Please provide the name of the nominee and a brief explanation as to why you have made the nomination.

***Please spread the news of the awards to your regional contacts to help promote the search for excellence in our sport over the past year***

Below are some helpful guidelines to consider in making your nomination:

Best Administrator:
* Self-organised
* Ran things smoothly
* Replied promptly to issues
* Promoted the sport to the wider community
* Demonstrated a passion for the sport
* Achievements

Best Recruiter:
* Effort put in
* One-on-one approach and enthusiasm
* Promotional campaigns
* Helped new players to learn in their first year
* Number of players brought into the sport
* The group that the recruits were drawn from
* Taught spirit of the game to new player

Best Tournament (in NZ, indoor, outdoor, beach):
* Ran Smoothly
* Fun
* Clear communication from TD(s)
* Good location and facilities (incl. flat well grassed fields or wide beach, toilets, water, scoreboards, etc.)

Best Club (a team or a number of teams organised under a single club, team or club at any level):
* Growth and improvement of the team(s) as a whole
* Development of individual players
* Players enjoyed being on the team(s)
* Social activities
* Uniforms/team identity
* Achieved on-field goals set out at the beginning of the year/season
* Spirit shown on the field

Best Coach:
* Has a deep understanding of the sport of Ultimate
* Has the ability to communicate concepts effectively
* Can run effective drills to help develop the skills of the individual athletes on the team
* Can analyse how a game is running and provide strategies to improve the games outcome
* Has been key in the development and success of the team being coached over a full season
Kind Regards,

NZU Board