Mens League 2011


Time for another Spring League and my first introduction back into Ultimate Frisbee for the season was a night in which I remembered why I play ultimate.

With a night where the rain was sideways and a field that looked something like below….

It was easy to think I would stay in my car and let the lads run around in the rain, but then I saw the simple circle of plastic float into and out of my vision and I was out of the car in a shot.

Field under water, under 19’s still amped up from the weekends Test Series and looking more and more like superman all the time (More time horozontal than vertical), heavy downpour, windy, very windy, did I mention windy?

Playing in the Auckland Ultimate mens league will get you the chance to play against some of the legends of the Game, guys that have gone to world champs 5 or 6 times, and beginners that have just started this season.  It is a great place to play, learn and make new friends (when it is not wet and cold that is – thanks again this week)

Yet I was happier than ever.  I had a chance to play Ultimate Frisbee with my mates. The challange of a team determined to stop our team from winning, navigating the plastic through wind to my team mates and the elation of scoring and throwing points, cutting hard and playing good defense.

Rain, Hail or Shine I will be there every week and you should be to. Come along and give it a crack or sign up for a regular game either in the league, at pickup or possibly the best Tournament of the Year – Taupo Hat.

See you all on a field soon
AU’s not so Secret Roving Reporter