Friday Fancies

An occasional update of links from around the interwebs when a bunch of cool stuff comes out at once.

This weekend is Rise Up Auckland. Here are some links for the coaches that are attending, Mario and Alex.

Mario OBrien: captain of Portland Rhino in 2012, “Rookie” on Sockeye the USA Ultimate Club Championships finalists in 2013, and Producer and Creative Director of Rise Up.

Alex Snyder: 2006 Callahan winner (best female college player), member of seven time USA Ultimate Club Champions San Francisco Fury , double World Championship winner, and USA World Games team member.

Rise Up presenter Ben Wiggins in association with Bay Area Disc Association and Youth Ultimate Coaching Conference has a great video about footwork.

Splitrock have released a video called Moment of Release about the 2013 New England College Regionals.

Ren Caldwell has written a new post on Skyd Magazine about shoulders.  Look after yourself.

You might have heard that WhatsApp has just been bought by Facebook for 19 billion dollars. The founders play ultimate. Fonterra, New Zealand’s largest company, has an annual revenue of around 19 billion dollars. Where could ultimate take you?

The latest liveability rankings have been released. Auckland ranks third in the world.