End, Middle, Beginning (of Spring League!)

Now that indoors is over for another year, our focus moves outdoor.

Congratulations to all twelve teams that participated in the Winter Indoor League in 2012. Special mention goes to Wookies Ink who won by one point over Those Guys in the final.
Male MVP was Jack Turner of Endzone Love, who also picked up the Spirit prize. Female Most Valuable Player went to Ceecee Zhang of Strangers with Candy.

Final Placings:
1. Wookies Ink
2. Those Guys
3. Drop it Like Its Hot
4. Shoefly
5. Tumbleweed Suicide
6. I Have No Idea
7. Strangers with Candy
8. AUT Titans
9. Nyan Cats
10. Endzone Love
11. Pick Up team
12. Ale Qaeda

Winter Outdoors is halfway through, and despite some torrential rain last Sunday is being well attended by the five teams. Who’s your Wookie seems like the team to beat.

Spring League is starting from the first week in October! Cornwall Park, our usual grounds, are being upgraded by Auckland Rugby League. Spring seems to be that time, and all Auckland Council grounds are closed for September and October. Next stop, schools, and we’ve found a place that should suit.

Mt Roskill Grammar is the venue for Spring League 2012. Women’s and Men’s leagues are on Mondays, and Mixed on Thursdays. The first week will be a ‘have-a-go’ night, with games starting the week after. More details will be up on the website shortly. Get your teams ready!