Autumn League 2013

Epsom Girls Grammar School – Newmarket Wednesdays 24th April – 19th June 2013 Game times from 6.30pm – 10pm Registrations close 12th April - sign up on the membership site. Team Fees: Early bird payment $300 due 3rd May, payments after this date will be $350 Number of teams limited to a maximum of 10 Email with any queries If you need to find a team or players please use the Facebook group to advertise. We can’t guarantee a pick up team as there may not be enough players so please try and find yourself a team. Or step up and organize the players that don’t have a team! RULES - Teams are 4 a-side with substitutions from a larger squad allowed between points. We recommend about 6-8 players per team – you may need more if there are going to be players away for some weeks. - All teams must have at least 1 woman on the court at all times. If you are unable to do so or you are unable to field a full team (of 4) you will default the game. It would be preferable if you still gave the other team a game, whether it was picking up one of their players or a player from another team from a different round. - Uniforms – Participants to have a light AND dark shirt, with team colours decided before play - A standard 175g Ultrastar disc will be used. - Footwear – Clean, non-marking indoor court shoes, no barefeet! - Games will be self-refereed as per the standard rules of Ultimate, with the following exceptions: * Stall count is 7 seconds (instead of 10) * ‘Pick’ calls are not allowed. Running a pick or screen is still against the rules, and must be avoided. * The game ends on the hooter blast. If the disc is still in the air it is still in play. For playoff games ending in a tie there will be three minutes extra time, and if it is still a tie next point wins. * There are no ‘Callahan’ points * Dropped pulls are not turnovers. It is spirited to make catchable pulls.