Autumn Indoors 2014

Epsom Girls IndoorsAuckland Ultimate is running two indoor leagues for autumn this year, starting in May. We are trying new rules at Epsom girls with rectangular endzones! This is really exciting and more aligned with international competitions. We still have classic NZ basketball key at our classic venue of ASB stadium too, with a social and competitive grade.  Unfortunately we don’t have a venue available on the North Shore but are looking to have this in winter.

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Wednesday Indoors
ASB Stadium, Kohimarama.
14th May 2014 – 25 June 2014 (7 weeks)
Social Grade 7-8pm*
Competitive Grade 8-9pm*
League fees $250 with a $50 late fee
*Times to be confirmed when number of teams confirmed. Four-a-side for both.

Thursday Indoors
Epsom Girls Grammar
1st May 2014 – 26th June 2014 (9 weeks)
7pm – 9.45pm (finish time TBC)
League fees $300 with a $50 late fee
Limited to 8 teams.

Rule alterations:
rectangular endzones
no turnover for dropped pull
eight second stall
one timeout per team, thirty seconds long.
Valid pull: passes through a 2m high box, bounded by the front, back and sides of the end zone. Automatically valid if touched by the receiving team. Invalid pulls are bricked or taken from the sideline.

These rule alterations are based on UK Indoor Rules. UKU Rules of Indoor Ultimate 2013