Auckland University Ultimate Club Awards

It kicked off with a few sizzling sausages and a couple of beers, well, a couple of chilly bins full of beers, but that’s how great night usually start, don’t they?

The inaugural awards evening for Auckland University Ultimate Club was held last Saturday in central Auckland. The event, established in 2014, was introduced to celebrate the development of the club over the last 2 years and the successes of individual members.

As a fairly newly-established club (since 2011), AUUC has had a lot to celebrate. From happenings at uni games, social tournaments, leagues and so many other frisbee occasions, awards were given for the good, bad and the stupid things that members have done.

$5 bought us a ticket to the event, food and for some, a mild case of amnesia. After a BBQ and with a few beers in hand, the formalities kicked off with an address from the Club President – Aidan Hurley. So, I can’t actually remember what the speech was about, but I’m sure it was exceptional, important, well-delivered and ended with the phrase “I hate speeches”.

Andrew McIntyre-Robinson accepting his award
Andrew McIntyre-Robinson accepting his award

Then the awards. Nominations and voting were open to all prior to the night and the results were announced by different members, from a sealed envelope – Oscar style. In order –

Best skying/taking out of someone of the opposite sex – Andrew McIntyre-Robinson
Person most in need of a library card – Henry Li
Best/worst callahan attempt – Jason Saw
Most spirited player – Brogan Walker
Most Improved player(s) – Tie between Matthew Jeromson and Craig Parker
Followed by
Male MVP – Aidan Hurley
Female MVP – Ceecee Zhang

Along with the awards, an explanation of why members were nominated and what the award meant to them was given by the presenter. Prizes, as well as others things, included an inaugural AUUC tradition of sculling our team drink.
Oh, I forgot the d*ck of the year award. Yeah Ceecee won that – for not playing with the club teams in almost every tournament during the year. Well deserved… (or can I defend myself on this thing?)

Formalities ended where the AUUC execs thanked club president Aidan for his valuable contributions in developing the club into what it is today, but the night certainly didn’t end there. We continued to celebrate till the early morning, and like all great nights, this one ended with someone throwing up in the bathroom, someone getting lost and someone losing their possessions on town (don’t worry, he’s found them since).
Thanks everyone for a great night – see you next year.
Ceecee Zhang