Entries are now open for the 2012 5 a-side Auckland Secondary School Tournament
Sunday March 18th, Auckland Grammar School, 10am – 4pm

Enter online here or email for assistance.

There will be two divisions – a Girls division and an Open division (mixed teams will be accepted in the Open Division but we encourage and recommend that teams try and form as separate gender rather than mixed teams as players will have more fun and games will be more competitive)
Teams are 5 a-side with substitutions from a larger squad allowed between points.  We recommend about 10 players per team
Players must only be on one team roster and play for that team ONLY.
Uniforms – Participants to have a white AND dark shirt, with team colours decided before play
A standard 175g Ultrastar disc will be used.
Footwear – cleats (football boots) or cross-trainers. No metal studs and no barefeet!
Games will be self-refereed as per the WFDF rules of Ultimate. Players are expected to know the basic rules of the game, particularly the rules around non-contact play and safety.  Rules can be found on this rules website.

Sunday 18th March 2012, 10am – 4pm
Cost $5.00 per player

All players and teams must be registered on the Auckland Ultimate website/database to be eligible to play.
Restricted entry – all players must be currently at school and under 19 years of age.
The co-ordinator for this event is Rebecca Stewart, contact