Auckland Ultimate new disc design competition

Hello all,

Wanted: One brilliant, new disc design for Auckland Ultimate discs.

That’s right, it’s disc designing time.

The prize? Kudos. And FREE DISCS.

Kudos that your design will be in the hands of hundreds of people,
your design travelling thousands of kilometers when each disc’s total
thrown distance is added up. Imagine how many times your winning
design will spin? A whole lot. Think about it. Imagine how many points
your new design will help score? Heaps of points. More points than one
can poke a stick at. Amazing.

And discs. The winning entry will also receive five newly printed
discs featuring their winning design. To throw, and spin, and score
points with. Maybe put one on the wall. Why not make one a dog disc
too, since you get five? One disc could sit on your chest of drawers as
the place you put your keys when you get home. That way, you’ll never
lose your keys again.

The most important thing in submitting a design is that the design
specifications are adhered to. The following link has well presented
design specifications guideline for one to follow. Note that AU uses
the Hot Stamp option. Hot Stamp, Hot Stamp, Hot Stamp. Please read

Completed designs to be forwarded to the Exec by the end of May please.

Feel free to work together too, but good luck splitting five discs. If you’ve got a great idea, but aren’t too crash hot at the ins and outs of design, maybe share your idea with a design guru? Go well.


Auckland Ultimate Inc
(Exec Members – Joe Seebeck, Sherif Ibrahim, Tim Germann, Ben McEwen, Stephen Brown)