Auckland Club Teams

The Auckland based mens club team Magon, and the womens club team Vixenz are currently open to Expressions of Interest to play for these teams. Please see below for more details:

Magon is the number one elite men’s ultimate team in Auckland; we have won the New Zealand National Championship for the last three years in a row and have represented New Zealand at the World Ultimate Club Champs in Prague in 2010.

We train hard to improve our skills and fitness and we have the coaches and leadership to help lead us forward. Our goal is to win Nationals this year and earn the top New Zealand bid to the next World Ultimate Club Champs in 2014.

We currently have a top team and are looking to the future and want to set up a development team that will feed into the main Magon squad. This development team will be a mix of young up and coming talent and experienced players, will have its own coach in Ian Cooke and will have its own identity but there will be a sharing of information and some of the training will be combined with the Magon team. We have found fields that will accommodate both teams so that they can train side by side, this will encourage interaction between the two teams. Magon trainings are beginning at the end of this month.

What is the plan?
Trainings will be held up to Xmas when the teams are selected. After Xmas each team will practice as a unit as they build up to Nationals in 2013.

Who is able to attend trainings prior to Xmas?
Anyone. If you are looking to play with Magon (we have spots on the roster that need to be filled), the Development  Squad (will have their own cool name) or another Auckland Club Team – you are all welcome.

What do I need to bring to training?
A good attitude and a desire to learn, listen and become a better ultimate player.

More details about the level of commitment and the responsibilities of being a part of the Magon Ultimate club will be given in the first few weeks of the pre-Xmas trainings, so it is very important that you attend.

What will trainings be about?
Playing good ultimate, developing your own personal skill base and building the solid foundations to playing elite level ultimate.

How do I register?
Click on this link and fill out the form. Everyone needs to register. The deadline to register has been extended a few days. Please register by 19 October 2012.

Training Details
Trainings will be held on Saturday mornings 9-12pm, Saturday October 27 – Saturday December 22.
Trainings prior to Xmas will be held at Riversdale Reserve, Avondale

Minimal – gold coin donation at each session to cover costs; ice, powerade, training gear, etc

Drop us a line at


Vixenz is a women’s ultimate frisbee club based in Auckland. This season we have two squads: Vixenz and Vixenz DS (development squad).

The club welcomes all players, whether you are new to the sport and want to play more, or are keen to represent Vixenz at Aussie nationals!

If you are considering playing for either team please fill out the form below. It also has more details about the two teams and the club. It’s going to be a great season!