Annual NZU Awards for 2011

Hi Everyone The annual NZU Awards for the 2011 year are open for nominations! Please consider making a nomination in any or all of the categories below:
  • Best New Player
  • Best Player (female)
  • Best Player (male)
  • Best Club
  • Best Administrator
  • Best Tournament
  • Best Recruiter
  • Best Coach
Nominations close midnight Sunday March 4th 2012 To make a nomination please email the Board at with "Nomination" in the subject line. Please provide the name of the nominee and a brief explanation as to why you have made the nomination. ***Please spread the news of the awards to your regional contacts to help promote the search for excellence in our sport over the past year*** Below are some helpful guidelines to consider in making your nomination: Best Administrator:
  • Self-organised
  • Ran things smoothly
  • Replied promptly to issues
  • Promoted the sport to the wider community
  • Demonstrated a passion for the sport
  • Achievements
Best Recruiter:
  • Effort put in
  • One-on-one approach and enthusiasm
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Helped new players to learn in their first year
  • Number of players brought into the sport
  • The group that the recruits were drawn from
  • Taught spirit of the game to new player
Best Tournament (in NZ, indoor, outdoor, beach):
  • Ran Smoothly
  • Fun
  • Clear communication from TD(s)
  • Good location and facilities (incl. flat well grassed fields or wide beach, toilets, water, scoreboards, etc.)
Best Club (a team or a number of teams organised under a single club, team or club at any level):
  • Growth and improvement of the team(s) as a whole
  • Development of individual players
  • Players enjoyed being on the team(s)
  • Social activities
  • Uniforms/team identity
  • Achieved on-field goals set out at the beginning of the year/season
  • Spirit shown on the field
Best Coach:
  • Has a deep understanding of the sport of Ultimate
  • Has the ability to communicate concepts effectively
  • Can run effective drills to help develop the skills of the individual athletes on the team
  • Can analyse how a game is running and provide strategies to improve the games outcome
  • Has been key in the development and success of the team being coached over a full season
Kind Regards, NZU Board