AKSS Ultimate 2015 Indoor Mixed League

AKSS Ultimate 2015 Indoor Mixed Championship Final

Adrenaline and nerves were running high for the championship finals of the AKSS Mixed Indoor League which saw the top 2 teams from the West Zone League, Avondale College 1 and Green Bay High 1, come up against the forces of the top 2 AGS/EGGS teams, Padawans and Blackdoctor Iso from the Central Zone League.

In the semi finals, the top ranked (and unbeaten all season) Padawans played Green Bay High, and despite Green Bay throwing everything they had at the Padawans, it was a fairly one sided victory to the Padawans 14 – 3.

The second semifinal between Avondale College and AGS/EGGS Blackdoctor Iso was a top quality, nail-biting semi, with the teams trading points throughout. At one point when Avondale got a 2 point lead, it was pulled straight back with 2 quick scores from Blackdoctor Iso to tie it up again. But when the hooter went at full time it was Avondale College who came out on top with a one point victory 9-8, setting the night up a for a final of the top ranked west zone team versus the top ranked central team. But before the final there was one more epic battle to take place!

The 3v4 play off between Blackdoctor Iso and Green Bay was an outstanding game to watch. In many situations the 3v4 play off might be considered the anticlimax of a tournament but these teams played it like a final, with a great crowd atmosphere cheering them on. When the hooter went for full time it was all tied up at 7-7 and it was play-on to determine the winner. Blackdoctor Iso who had lost their previous semi by 1 point, turned the tables in the third place play-off to take the victory by 1, with the final score, 8-7. An outstanding effort by both teams in a dramatic and very well spirited game.

So on the finals… Padawans v Avondale 1. Both teams came out with fast paced games and a lot of early turnovers, as they tested out their long games. Early point trading kept the game close, but as time went on and Padawans settled in to the game winning form they’d shown all season they pulled away to take the win comfortably, 13-7.

Congratulations to the four teams who made the championship finals.

Central zone final - Elena to Anya from EGGS
Central zone final – Elena to Anya from EGGS







Championship Final Rankings:

1st: EGGS/AGS Padawans

2nd: Avondale College 1

3rd: EGGS/AGS Blackdoctor Iso

4th: Green Bay High School

Finally a huge thank you to Tim Meyer-Smith and Eunice Ng, the league coordinators for the central and west zone term 2 leagues.

Read on for full details of the West and Central Zone league reports and results.

Championship report submitted July 2015, by Schools Co-coordinator Rebecca Stewart

AKSS Ultimate 2015 Term 2 Western Zone Mixed Indoor League Report

The new Western Zone Mixed Indoor League hosted at Avondale College saw 7 teams compete to be crowned the first ever Western Zone winners and qualify for the Auckland Championship playoffs.

Avondale 1 and Green Bay 1 battled it out in a very close final, trading very long points before unbeaten Green Bay came up 5-3 due to their advantageous height. However, Avondale fought back until it was 6-6, before breaking away to win the game 9-7.

It was great to see senior players from all schools step up to coach the teams and lead from the front. It will be exciting to see this league double in size over the coming years as Ultimate continues to grow in the sporting scene.

West Zone Final Standings:

  1. Avondale College 1 (MVP – Shim Chen)
  2. Green Bay High School 1 (MVP – Charlie Shiers)
  3. Massey High School 1 (MVP – Brad Melvin)
  4. Massey High School 2 (MVP – Perry Hastings)
  5. Green Bay High School 2 (MVP – Grace Tawharu)
  6. Avondale College 2 (MVP – Sujen Phea)
  7. Avondale College 3 (MVP – Estella Nelson)

Spirit Winners  – Avondale College 1

Overall Male MVP – Perry Hastings (Massey High School 2)

Overall Female MVP – Sujen Phea (Avondale College 2)

Report submitted June 2015 by League Coordinator Eunice Ng

West zone team  MVPs
West zone team MVPs








AKSS Ultimate 2015 Term 2 Central Zone Mixed Indoor League Report

It was another great year for the Central  League with 20 teams from 11 schools participating, including Mt Albert Grammar School, Sancta Maria College and Rosmini, who are three new entries into the Schools’ Mixed Ultimate scene.

The competition was hotly contested with many great highlights including first timers Sancta Maria’s enthusiasm and skill in their first ever game; and Selywn’s miraculous victory over perennial favourites Auckland Grammar School.
However in the end, the final was as many may have predicted between the top 2 AGS-EGGS teams. Favourites Padawans were shaken early in the game when Blackdoctor Iso came out firing to score the first point and keep toe-to-toe with their more highly fancied competitors. In the end however a footblock from Dinith and some great puts from Rowan was not enough to stop Padawans running away with the win 12-7. Both teams deserved their spot in the final with great play all round and move on to the highly anticipated Inter-Zone playoffs finals with Avondale and Green Bay.

For those not in the Inter-zone playoffs, they have the Boys & Girl’s Indoor League to look forward to next term. Also a big thank you must be given to all the coaches, parents and volunteers who put their time and effort into supporting their athletes for another term.

Central Zone Final Standings:

  1. AGS-EGGS Padawans (MVP – Anya Nantes)
  2. AGS-EGGS Blackdoctor Iso (MVP – Rowan Burns)
  3. AGS-EGGS 83 (MVP Jack Doherty-Eagles)
  4. BaraRosmini (MVP Joe)
  5. Westlake Our Tomatoes (MVP Sam Chong)
  6. Westlake Frisbee Major (MVP – Aidan Elliot)
  7. Pakuranga 1 (MVP – Chloe Jackman)
  8. Selwyn (MVP – Tammy Lushai)
  9. MAGS (MVP – Theo Paul)
  10. Westlake Fantastic Five (MVP – Josh Orejana)
  11. Takapuna 1 (MVP – Olivia Boniface)
  12.  Pakuranga 4 (MVP – Jaffar Bui)
  13. Sancta Maria (MVP – Tim)
  14. Pakuranga 2 (MVP – Rory Moore)
  15. Baralake (MVP – Kayla)
  16. Baralake Bantalopes (MVP – Matthew Martin)
  17. Takapuna 2 (MVP – Victor Tysan)
  18. AGS-EGGS Triarii (MVP – Sarah Riazuddin)
  19.  Takapuna 3 (MVP – Kade)
  20. Pakuranga 3 (MVP – Kaitlyn)

Spirit Winners – Pakuranga 1

Overall Male MVP – Aidan Elliot (Westlake Frisbee Major)

Overall Female MVP – Tammy Lushai (Selwyn)

Report submitted June 2015 by League Coordinator: Tim Meyer-Smith

Central zone team MVP winners
Central zone team MVP winners