AKSS 2016 Term 1 Ultimate League Report

Central League:12670827_10154018741954144_8508364114731911622_n

The Central Zone outdoor league was a great success this year, boasting 12 teams from five schools over the two divisions. Despite the assortment of weather conditions Auckland threw at them, the teams were not deterred and showed great improvement from the beginning to the end of the league.

It was a highly contested competition in the boy’s league with the number of Grammar teams battling it out at the top of the table. However, when it came down to it, AGS 3 put the pedal down and defeated AGS 4 (7-1) in the final.

In the girl’s division, the top Epsom Girls team proved to be the team to beat. With a number of U20 rep players, their skill and experience carried them through to the final where they defeated Selwyn College (9-3).

Submitted by Central League Coordinator Marcia Zeng

Final team standings are as follows:

Boy’s Division

  1. Auckland Grammar School 3 (MVP – Josh D)
  2. Auckland Grammar School 4 (MVP – Calvin)
  3. Auckland Grammar School 1 (MVP – Nick)
  4. Auckland Grammar School 5 (MVP – Ryan)
  5. Auckland Grammar School 2 (MVP – Oliver)
  6. Selwyn College (MVP – Adam)
  7. Auckland Grammar School 6 (MVP – Andy)
  8. Onehunga High School (MVP – Jacob)

Girl’s Division

  1. Epsom Girls Grammar School 1(MVP – Sunny)
  2. Selwyn College (MVP – Minsura)
  3. Baradene (MVP – Lillian)
  4. Epsom Girls Grammar School 2 (MVP – Aira)

Spirit Winners

  • Auckland Grammar School 3
  • Epsom Girls Grammar School 1

Overall MVPs

  • Sunny (Epsom Girls Grammar School 1)
  • Andy (Auckland Grammar School 6)

North/West League

The North/West Zone of the Outdoor League was, as it has always been, a success for all involved. From our perspective it has been a tremendously rewarding experience to have been able to observe first hand not just the growth of the sport at a high school level, but also the development of all players throughout the course of the competition. What was also particularly interesting was the graceful manner in which even the most ambitious and aggressive players conducted themselves; it is reassuring to know that our community still continues to recognize the importance of mutual respect and goodwill, as well as the unique position of the Spirit of the Game in ultimate. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of this competition. We wish all players well with their future endeavours in ultimate.

Submitted by North/West League Coordinators Ian Lim and Ella Ganley.

Boys Division

  1. Westlake Boys High School 1 (MVP – Josh and Connor)
  2. Takapuna Grammar School (MVP – Nick)
  3. Westlake Boys High School 2 (MVP – Sam and Will)
  4. Green Bay High School (MVP – Charlie)
  5. Avondale College (MVP – Taffy)
  6. Westlake Boys High School 3 (MVP – David)
  7. Westlake Boys High School 4 (MVP – Reuben and Roy)
  8. Westlake Boys High School 5 (MVP – Adam)
  9. Westlake Boys High School 6 (MVP – Phoenix)

Girls Division

  1. Avondale College (MVP – Sewai and Fleur)
  2. Takapuna Grammar School 2 (MVP – Nicole)
  3. Takapuna Grammar School 1 (MVP – Zoe and Julia)
  4. Green Bay High School (MVP – Kate)

Spirit Winners

Boys: Westlake Boys High School 2

Girls: Takapuna Grammar School 2

Overall MVPs

Boys: Nick from Takapuna Grammar School

Girls: Nicole from Takapuna Grammar School 2

Championship Final:

Every year, the Outdoor League Championships brings together the best teams in Auckland for a legendary battle – and this year was no different. Taking place on fields almost as hardened as the players playing on them themselves, the competition for 2016 was defined not by the great weather that prevailed on the day but rather by the even greater display of human athletic ability, strength, resilience, fortitude and unparalleled sacrifice. The quality of ultimate in the high school scene in the region has definitely improved, and there is perhaps no better indicator of this than the fact that the top title in both the open and girls divisions at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Ultimate Championships were taken up by Auckland teams. Congratulations to not just the winners, but all teams involved in the Outdoor League Championships. Best of luck for your future in ultimate.

Submitted by league coordinator Ian Lim.

Boys Division

  1. Westlake Boys High School 1
  2. Takapuna Grammar School
  3. Auckland Grammar School 3 AND Auckland Grammar School 4

Girls Division

  1. Epsom Girls Grammar 1
  2. Selwyn College
  3. Avondale College
  4. Takapuna Grammar School 212717872_10154018055924144_6279965682056713573_n