AKSS 2015 Term 1 league results and reports

Overview by numbers:

EGGS winners akss girls league finals
EGGS winners akss girls league finals

3 zone competitions
30 teams
20 boys teams
10 girls teams
12 schools
Over 240 players

Eastern Zone

The Eastern Zone league saw 9 teams competing in two divisions this year for the Eastern Zone title and qualification to the Auckland Championships.  Selwyn College hosted the competition on fully-lined fields and were joined by teams from Ormiston College, Edgewater College, Epsom Girls Grammar and Baradene College.

In the boy’s division Selwyn College started strong and were then challenged by the athleticism of Ormiston College.  It was Edgewater College who prevailed in the end however, improving throughout the league and riding a unique strategy to victory with a combination of good basic defense and an offense based almost entirely on accurate hammer throws.

In the girl’s division the top Epsom Girls team was in a class of its own.  Sporting a number of club players they displayed strong throwing skills in often-windy conditions and were unbeaten through the league.  Selwyn College and Baradene A were well matched, with all games between them, including their semi final very close fought contests – usually decided by 1 or two points.  The other Epsom and Baradene teams boasted a lot of new players which was fantastic to see and although the wind proved challenging each week – there is no doubt that they improved throughout the league and had a great time doing it.


Boy’s Division
1. Edgewater College (MVP – Albert)
2. Ormiston College (MVP – Cuan)
3. Selwyn College (MVP – Tasman Randell)

Girl’s Division
1. Epsom Girls Grammar 1 (MVP – Elena Kroon)
2. Selwyn College (MVP – Britney Williamson)
3. Baradene School 1 (MVP – Lillian Parker)
4. Epsom Girls Grammar 2 (MVP – Tina)
5. Epsom Girls Grammar 3 (MVP – Jess)
6. Baradene College 2 (MVP – Maisee Embleton)

Overall MVPs – Tasman Randall (Selwyn College) and Elena Kroon (Epson Girls Grammar).

Reports and results submitted by Eastern League Coordinator, Iain Stewart.

North/West Zone

Jackie Lee from Westlake Boys on disc
Jackie Lee from Westlake Boys on disc

The North Shore/West zone was a highly contested league this year with a total of 15 teams battling it out for both the girls (4 teams) and boys (11 teams) divisions trophies. There were hammers and zones being thrown all over the place and some very awesome bids for the disc. We had a surprising match up for the finals with both Takapuna teams (girls and boys) advancing to the finals by defeating the devastated Green Bay High School teams, both by one point.

Our finals winners were very deserving with great victory over their competition; Westlake Boys beating Takapuna Grammar 1 (6 v 1) and Avondale girls defeating Takapuna Grammar Girls (8 v 2).

Jane from Northcote College took out the female MVP award, look out for this young one, she is year 10 and has a super sweet Forehand huck! Charlie Sheers from Green Bay was our boys overall MVP. Charlie captains an Auckland club team and this helped him lead both Green Bay teams to the semis this year.


Boy’s Division
1. Westlake Boys High School 1 (MVP – Josh)
2. Takapuna Grammar 1 (MVP – Sam)
3. Westlake Boys High School 2 (MVP – Isaac)
4. Green Bay High School (MVP – Charlie)
5. Takapuna Grammar School 2 (MVP – Victor)
6. Westlake Boys High School 5 (MVP – Finn)
7. Northcote College (MVP – Martin)
8. Westlake Boys High School 4 (MVP – Griffin)
9. Westlake Boys High School 6 (MVP – Michael)
10. Westlake Boys High School 3 (MVP – Chris)
11. Avondale College (MVP – Shim)

Girl’s Division
1. Avondale College (MVP – Alicia)
2. Takapuna Grammar (MVP – Sonia)
3. Northcote College (MVP – Jane)
4. Green Bay High School (MVP -Michelle)

Overall MVPs – Charlie (Green Bay High School) and Jane (Northcote College).

Reports and results submitted by North/West League Coordinator, Kendal Rainey

Central Zone

A new venue and a new division proved a successful affair this year. The introduction of the Central Zone Division held at Auckland Grammar School

allowed six keen teams of Grammar boys to battle it out for a place in the final. After ten games over five weeks the finals were set. In the semis AGS 1 managed to overcome the sprightly AGS 6 (8-2) and AGS 2 took out their tough contest against AGS 5 (6-4). The final proved a lopsided affair with AGS 1 taking out the title 9-3 thanks to their impressive hucking game.

Along with winning the competition AGS 1 also took home the prize for best spirited team. Finally Calvin Fraser from AGS 5 proved to be most instrumental in his team efforts with his great desire for the disc and thus took out the overall MVP for the competition.

Zone results:

1.  AGS 1 (MVP – Luca Mercer)
2. AGS 2 (MVP – Roni Chapman)
3. AGS 5  (MVP – Calvin Fraser)
4. AGS 6 (MVP – Sam Pan)
5. AGS 4 (MVP – Jose Manaloto)
6. AGS 3 (MVP – Paviteer Singh)

Overall MVP Boys:  Calvin Fraser (AGS 5)

Reports and results submitted by Central League Assistant Coordinator, Tim Meyer-Smith

Championship Finals:

Bianca Mercer from EGGS getting some air time
Bianca Mercer from EGGS getting some air time

Term 1 league coordinated with a championship final with the top 2 teams from each division progressing through to a finals night held at Hato Petera College with play-offs and finals giving all zone finalists a chance to test themselves against the top talent across all zones.

The girls’ finals saw Epsom Girls compete against Avondale College (a repeat of the finals from Auckland Championship Tournament a couple of weeks earlier), and with the same result… victory to Epsom Girls Grammar. EGGS have had a outstanding season taking out the following titles in term 1 2015:
Eastern League Zone Winners
Auckland League Finals Winners
Auckland Championship Tournament Winners
NZ Secondary School Tournament 2015 Winners

Making it through to the boys finals were Auckland Grammar 1 and Edgewater College. Edgewater College stuck to their Eastern Zone winning tactics throwing length of the field hammers to their tall and athletic receivers, while Auckland Grammar moved the disc around demonstrating the skills and athleticism that put them in to the finals. The two teams traded points all game, with the hooter going with Edgewater College having a one point lead.  Victory to Edgewater College.

Championship finals results:

Edgewater College - winner akss boys league  final
Edgewater College – winner akss boys league final

1. Epsom Girls Grammar
2. Avondale College
3. Selwyn College
4. Takapuna Grammar

1. Edgewater College
2. Auckland Grammar School 1
3. Westlake Boys High School 1
4. Takapuna Grammar School 1
5. Ormiston College

Championship final report and results submitted by Schools Coordinator, Rebecca Stewart