This is a page for admin type things or documents that are in development: discussion documents, training programs, treasury forms, report templates, TD Guides, etc. These are the working versions - publicly available documents should also be available, in PDF form, for example position descriptions for the exec and strategy documents. If you would like access to these documents get in touch with a member of the executive. Who owns the document, or if it's a link or pdf, is listed in parentheses. Contacts List   (secretary) Stakeholders, external contacts Equipment List  (secretary) Auckland Ultimate asset list AU Management (web) Domain names, web hosting, email addresses, wordpress setup JD - AKSS Outdoor Ultimate League Coordinator (pdf) Job Description for Auckland Secondary School Ultimate Outdoor League Coordinator Code of Conduct  (secretary) To codify how players and representatives should behave. Vision, Mission, Plan  (secretary) Strategic Plan for Auckland Ultimate EXPENSE CLAIM FORM (xlsx) For claiming expenses that have not otherwise been paid for directly from Auckland Ultimate bank account (which is preferable). Spirit Sheets (pdf) WFDF Spirit Sheets, 0-4 points in five categories. Position Descriptions President, Secretary, and Treasurer are core members of the board and are necessary for the function of Auckland Ultimate as an incorporated society.  President Secretary Treasurer University Rep Membership Manager Sponsorship Coordinator Schools/Youth Representative Communications Manager League Administrator Member-at-Large Lotto NZ Volunteer Resources  (link) A page of resources for management, recruitment, and roles. Running an Incorporated Society (link) Link to Companies Office guide to running an incorporated society. New Zealand Ultimate (link) Constitution and Policies. Other documents can be found in associated pages.