About AU

Auckland Ultimate is a non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to promoting and playing Ultimate Frisbee in the Auckland Region, a fast-paced, running, throwing, catching, non-contact team sport that uses a frisbee.
While anybody can play the sport anywhere there’s a big enough field (and you have a disc), becoming a member of AU means you can take advantage of an increasing number of personal benefits, including leagues and tournaments all year round, public insurance, and online membership management.


Auckland Ultimate Incorporated Society Constitution.


Google Drive folder with a copy of minutes of executive meetings and Annual General Meetings.


Google Drive Folder with a copy of newsletters from 2007 – 2012.


Subscription lasts for one year, from April 1 to March 31 the year following. Auckland Ultimate uses a web based membership database and league management tool at http://auckland.ultimatecentral.com/

Once you have a profile, signing up for events is a breeze. Captains, add your team to coming tournaments and invite your team-mates to play with you. If you don’t have a team, join the pickup list!

Your membership home page shows you all the leagues / tournaments / training’s and events at a glance so you will never need to miss any ultimate again, and you won’t forget which events you are signed up for.


There are three core exec positions – President, Treasurer, and Secretary. AU has other people on the committee too, so here is the list for 2017/2018.
Current exec members:
President – Ian Lim;
Secretary – Joe “Fish” Seebeck;
Treasurer – Jono Steele;
Youth Coordinator – Rory Moore;
Member at Large – Coral Huang;
Member at Large – James Holth;
Member at Large – Dylan Lie.

The Auckland Ultimate executive can be contacted here:


Auckland Ultimate
PO Box 56557
Dominion Road
Auckland 1446