2012 Auckland Secondary School Indoor League Results

This year a new format for the Auckland Secondary School Indoor League was introduced, splitting the previous 12 week mixed team event in to two 6 week leagues, allowing for a mixed competition followed by a new league with boys and girls divisions. The new format proved popular with 14 teams competing in the mixed league and then a record 20 teams (12 boys and 8 girls) entered in the single gender divisions.

The mixed division saw some very close competition, particularly in the top three spots with defending mixed league champs Pakuranga College and current outdoor league champs Westlake Boys High School beaten out of the top spot by a strong Auckland Grammar School team combined with players from Epsom Girls Grammar and ACG Parnell. The boys division final saw a re-match of schools that competed in the mixed division final with Pakuranga College and Auckland Grammar meeting again, but this time Pakuranga took home the trophy.

In the girls division, Takapuna Grammar School beat Northcote College to claim their first ever Secondary School Ultimate title.

Many thanks again to all the coaches, administrators, volunteers, players and organisers for helping to create a very successful 2012 Auckland Secondary School Indoor League.

Here are the final standings:

Girls Division:
1. Takapuna Grammar 1
2. Northcote College
3. Frilly Bees (EGGS and ACG Parnell)
4. Avondale College
5. Pakuranga College
6. Baradene College 1
7. Takapuna Grammar 2
8. Baradene College 2

Spirit winner: Baradene 2
Female MVP: Eunice (Avondale College)

Boys Division
1. Pakuranga College 1
2. Frizzy Bees (Auckland Grammar School)
3. Westlake Optimus Prime
4. The Postmen (Auckland Grammar School)
5. Westlake Boys High School 2
6. Green Bay High School 1
7 Westlake Boys High School 3
8. The Letterboxes (Auckland Grammar School)
9. Avondale College
10. Green Bay High School 2
11. Pakuranga College 2
12. Takapuna Grammar

Spirit winner: Pakuranga 2
Male MVP: Dylan (Pakuranga College 2)

Mixed Division
1. Frizzy Bees (Auckland Grammar School/EGGS/ACG Parnell)
2. Pakuranga College 1
3. Westlake & Co (Westlake Boys High School and Northcote College)
4. Auckland Grammar School Postmen
5. Westlake 2 (Westlake Boys High School and Northcote)
6. Auckland Grammar School Pyramus and Frisbee
7. Auckland Grammar Hammers
8. Green BayHigh School
9. Avondale College 2
10. Auckland Grammar School Ridisculous
11. Avondale College 1
12. Takapuna Grammar Junior
13. Pakuranga College 2
14.  Takapuna Grammar Senior

Male: Rod Jeremia (Avondale College)
Female: Min Lee  (Pakuranga College)

Spirit: Pakuranga 1